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Marketing for the Beginner

By Mark McCormack

Copyright 2005 Mark McCormack

Marketing can be an extremely frustrating experience.

With all the ìmake cash fastî schemes itís easy to get sucked into a marketing experience. The opportunity itself may have potential but only if YOU as a motivated business owner are able to attract a market (ie. get people to your site). This is primarily evident in business proposals like ìmake a fortune with only 4 minutes a day!î or ìspend one hour or less a day to make cash fast!î

Do you know what you will be doing in those 4 minutes or in that hour? Advertising.

It doesnít matter what form you advertise in, it is still advertising. Usually for the ì4 minuteî type offers, one ends up using a Group Mailing or a mass mailing system to send out thousands of invitations. It sounds easy and usually is easy to use a mass mailing system but an inexperienced marketeer may neglect to ask, ìWhere do I get these thousands of email addresses from?î

This is the tricky part.

If you are a beginner you might find yourself discovering an entirely new business realm. The realm of leads. Leads are people you can invite to your business using provided information such as phone numbers or email addresses. These people are potential prospects who can buy your product off of you. To get lead information, however, costs money and not just petty cash. Good quality leads that apply to your business may typically cost anything from $125 to well over $1200. This isnít for thousands of leads either but perhaps 25 or 100.

One way to escape buying leads is to mosey on up to ones warm market such as relatives or friends. This isnít generally recommended since relatives and friends may become emotional liabilities (especially if they arenít as successful as you!).

Another option is to generate ones own leads using pay per click technologies such as search engines or banner advertisements. Guess what? These also cost money especially if youíre not a guru at using keywords. As for banners? Now-a-days they are ignored more than the spam in your junk mail.

The more astute newbie may search and find traffic generators that offer FREE leads. It sounds great but after more research it becomes apparent that these free leads run out and one is left to spend more time dealing with another company. One more thing to note with ìfree leadsî is that often they are low quality consisting of people trying to advertise just like you! They are as interested in buying from other people as you are.

What can you draw from all this? A business sense. Next time you see an opportunity to make money especially online, keep in mind it takes money to make money. This is common sense in any legitimate business.

So just remember that it takes some time and usually some money to get things flowing but donít get totally discouraged! Those 4 minute claims to cash do eventually happen; it just takes some extra initial effort and research. Donít let scammers nor scam-protesting-zealots pull the wool over your eyes. Both of them can cost you money and your dreams.

About the author:
After taking the plunge into Direct Marketing, Mark McCormack is sharing what he has learned to watch for. He provides a legitament Direct Marketing Opportunity + E-course for Newbies and veterans at http://www.pmmembers.com/mmccormack.html

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  Copyright 2005. All Rights Reserved.